Try this game: Focus on the cross in the center of the image. Stay focused and watch what happens to the violet as a green circle begins to make the violet disapper. The slightest shift or distraction will cause the violet circles to reappear. Refocus until you can see all the violet circles disappear.

WHAT'S HAPPENING? Blame your brain. The dots dropped from your brain, not the screen. We have a natural predisposition to focus our attention and ignore distractions. Otherwise we would be overwhelmed with all the daily input. Your brain decided what to focus and keep versus ignore, thus trying to maintain attention. This natural drive also identifies our individual personality style and determines how we filter and focus our experiences, decide our disposition, apply communication, elevate leadership and experience relationships. When you stay focused on your natural perspective you don't necessarily get to see the blind spots that other people notice, which can impact your ability to be effective and influential.

PREDICTABLE PERSONALITY STYLES: Amazingly, we have predictable personality styles that are natural and consistent. We rely on our styles to guide our perspective and drive our view, even though it can also cause us harm or not serve us in the most optimal way.

CAN YOU CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE? Particularly for how you experience, communication, lead, and live? Answer: Yes. The mindset that got you here to this place and time in your life may not necessarily help where you want to go.
Raise your Emotional Intelligence to know your personality style / type with tools such as the Enneagram, MBTI or DISC, in addition to training and practices that improve your adaptability, effectiveness and influence. Coaching can help you to recognize your blind spots & change your perspective. Then try new practices to experience a new way of being. Sometimes it's not about what you attract in life, but what you hang on to.

You have the natural ability to change your perspective. Think about how this applies to where you're going and what tends to get your attention or focus. Use your awareness to your advantage. If you want some help, call a coach like Coach Ken.